Friday, September 16, 2011

Brainstorming Sephora

On Friday, Carlos, Hayley, Karla, and I disscussed our ideas on the new pop up Sephora. I started by explaining my concepts, technology, alchemy, and programming.

My first concept is shown above as an exploration of sensory experiences within the space. The color is visual, fragrences are oilfactory, and the skincare is tactile. I wanted to organized the three to create a complete sensory experience by slowely bring the customer closer to the center of the space where all three are completly utilized.

My next concept was humans and technolgy. This idea came from branding, where sephoras logo is inscribed within the human body to show the physical connection that cosmetics play the human form and complexion. On the left side I sketched out a few heads on display that the customer could potentially use as a mock up, or tester for different colors and brands of makeup. That Idea got shot down quickly, after clarissa explained to me that women like to test makeup on the back of their hand, this way they can see the exact constrast it has with their skin tone.

The above drawing are of some conceptual displays that I felt reflected some of my design ideas. The top center was an attempt to create a "node" of sorts and combining that with the linear aspects of wayfinding. The bottom two drawings are based off of the same design idea providing functionality by holding makeup or accessories and brushes.

While discussing other group members concepts I came across a few great ideas that I would like to incorporate in my future design of sephora.

-Used light to seperate makeup colors by day, evening, and natural light
-Bringing tutorial videos to the space
-Protruding store front to attract customers
-Researching events and partnerships of local store of venues that could help push the product

-By using simple geometric forms (in this case cubes) to create space and divide space.
-Creating an opening event for the pop up store as a way to get customers excited for the product
-Multiple levels in the space to divert the flow of traffic, increase product space and capacity

-Use of string to divide space and direct visual space
-Broadcasting as a concept to reach out to new venues and create new opportunities
-Literally combining the product element into the human form (ex. lipstick arm)

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